Business and Personal Benefit

Make it possible to provide a customer experience that your customers can’t wait to buy – and your people can’t wait to deliver!

Shaping a customer-centric culture in an organisation can be an exciting and highly challenging undertaking. Exciting, because it can take you on a unique and rewarding journey offering rich experiences, invaluable insights and stunning outcomes. And challenging, because – like any change management initiative – there will be hurdles to overcome along the way.

In order to successfully navigate this journey, it is critical that the approach taken is based on sound frameworks and processes. TMI’s Putting People First framework helps you to identify appropriate courses of action that will minimise the risks you take, and maximise your chances of becoming a successful customer-centric organisation.

Putting People First isn’t just a service ‘training programme’ that transforms feelings and thinking into real customer-driven behaviour, it’s also an unforgettable and emotionally engaging journey that
has the potential to make a difference to participants’ own lives.


  • Determine how to deliver ‘Moments of Magic’ for Customers through 10 simple, effective strategies
  • Adapt your behaviours based on new thinking and perspectives
  • Take responsibility and ownership for solving problems and making a positive contribution
  • Create interactions with customers and colleagues that cultivate confidence, capability and warmth
  • Implement tools and techniques to manage your energy and performance in high-pressure situations
  • Assert yourself and make the right choices for a positive outcome with an angry or emotional customer
  • Take ownership of the team and organisational commitment to the Customer Experience

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